Monday, September 2, 2013

Leeks, but not leaky!


There are some taste that stay with you for life, I remember the first time I tasted Leeks, it was quite simply so very pleasing to the palate, so mild, yet in many ways shear delight. So for me it wasn't a reach to make Leek Salsa.


When the fire in the grill is hot, put the Leeks on a cooking tray, oil the tray in advance so the Leeks don't stick. As the leeks brown and sizzle, add olive oil and continue to cook, how do you know when they are done?

The smell!

 When the aroma reaches a point where you want to taste it. Take the Leeks off the grill and mix with your Home Base Salsa, stir in and test on a chip.  O Yum, I love it. Now as far as the Home Base Salsa when you prepare it you can go light on the peppers and use more Leeks, it is to your taste, and what you plan to use with your Leek Salsa.

The Big O Yum of the day:
Leek Salsa and grilled pepper jack or cheddar cheese baguettes
Cut your Baguette at angle and to the thickness you like.

Lightly spread olive oil or butter on both sides and bake at 400 degrees for 5 minutes, then add the cheese of your choice

Spread the Leek Salsa on top and return to the oven till the cheese melts, remove let cool and eat.

O Yum, Its all good in the world of Love and Salsa

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