Sunday, September 8, 2013

Salsa with a Spinach Twist

Spinach Salsa

For me this is what, LOVE and SALSA is about:

 I love Spinach Salsa, I have been making and eating it for over a year now. It is a change of pace, but it also fills a need, the need for green.

There is no better green than Spinach, and its not because my heritage is Irish, I like oranges too. Spinach is good for you, OK, I get that, I love the taste, if I didn't I would not eat it, and I like it best as SALSA.

You can use fresh or frozen, just make sure it is chopped to small pieces. There are some good frozen brands, low in sodium and even organic.

 You will mix your chopped spinach with the Home Base Salsa at a rate that suites your taste. I will mix one part spinach, with two parts salsa, I like it heavy in spinach, for dipping or on a baked potato.

 Have some chips ready and taste as you  mix to get the level you want, that's part of the fun. Coming up I will tell you how to turn this salsa in to a great salad dressing. On the (O YUM) scale Spinach Salsa is a good 7 plus, try some, go green and red.

By JDen Wilson

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