Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red, White, and Black

Red, White and Black Bean Salsa

This is not a tomato base Salsa, it is a red wine vinegar and bean Salsa

One can of Pinto beans, wash thoroughly

One can of black beans, wash thoroughly
One can of kidney beans wash thoroughly

Put in a bowl and add 2oz of olive oil and 14 oz of diced tomatoes

One tablespoon of cumin and two oz of red pepper flakes
stir together

 Add fresh cilantro to taste
Grilled onions for taste
Grilled peppers for taste, red and green

Grilled jalapenos for taste at least two
Stir together

Add red wine vinegar, taste as you add so it is to your liking.

This is Red, White and Black Bean Salsa, and it can be eaten as is, or on a baked potato,
on a lettuce or spinach salad , or of course with chips,
Its one of my favorites.
Enjoy your self  
Love and Salsa    JDen

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