Monday, October 7, 2013

A Horse is a Horse of course: Red Horse Salsa

Ride the Red  Horse, salsa horse that is.

This was a very interesting weekend of cooking, two new recipes came out of it all. Here's the first see what you think,
Deliver the Taste

It was steaks on a open fire, and what did we do to them, well this is Love and Salsa, that's right and I love Salsa. I also like horseradish on my steak, so it was not hard to make a salsa steak sauce and marinade, that is what I call the Red Horse Salsa, it was my home base salsa, on the hot side this time, extra jalapeno and some habanero, then add the horseradish to it, you might think, fire to much fire, but it was not, it balanced, it was like all the different heats decided to get along.

Here is how I did it, use the real horseradish, not a cream, add it to your  home base salsa, taste with chips till you find the taste you want, for me this was part of the fun. When you get to where you want, with your Red Horse Salsa taste, put some in a pan and put on the fire, let it get good and hot, temp I mean.

Start your steaks and cook for 3 to 5 minutes on the first side, turn them and add the Red Horse Salsa, let this cook 3 to what ever way you like your steak, rare, med. etc. It was not long and I enjoyed a great steak, dripping with Red Horse Salsa.

 I will do this from now on when I feel the need for heat and steak, and who knows on what else, it was a great ride on the Red Horse.

You can also try it with Shrimp. I call it the Red Seahorse Salsa.