Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Enclave of Pizza Puritans

No they cried you can't do it, its not right it goes against the laws of  all that we EAT. It is the right, of everyone, to put on a pizza what we want to, that's why we live in a free country, where nothing is free. I will put Salsa on a pizza if want too. they looked at me, and all together said, Mexican Pizza, who cares. NO it is not Mexican pizza, it is salsa pizza, and it is made like this.....


Or as its called by some, pizzalsa.

I started with a pre-made pizza crust, that was whole wheat, I coated the top with olive oil.

Then I applied a thick coating of my Home base salsa, and put the pre- cooked white chicken on this. 

This was placed in a preheated oven for 5 minutes , at 375 degrees

After this was removed from the oven, a thick coating of cheddar and monterey jack cheese was applied, and on top of this precooked whole pinto beans were spread in light pattern.

This was then placed back into the oven and cooked until the cheese was melted and was just starting to tan.

After the Salsa pizza was taken out of the oven, I let it set and cool, before cutting, and then it quickly disappeared into our mouths, and we enjoyed our Salsa pizza. It was  good, real good, and we are already talking about the next one. On the Yum scale it was a solid 8. Love and Salsa  from JDen Wilson

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