Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mushroom Salsa Masterpiece

Let us pay tribute to the mushroom

 A delicacy that all can enjoy, it is loved and it is hated. It is for me a craving and I love mushrooms - even in Salsa.

So here it is

Mushroom Salsa

Start with Home Base Salsa then pick the mushroom of your choice, cut up into small diced pieces, add Olive Oil, you can use your favorite flavored Olive Oil, I like spicy, with a little heat. Grill your mushrooms and olive oil, but don't over cook.

 Mix with your base salsa, its what taste is all about.

 Enjoy on a spinach salad.

 Or try it on this Mac and Cheese,

 it makes the most boring food on earth, come to life, try some Mushroom Salsa on Mac and Cheese, O Yea. 

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