Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Taste of the Caribbean to Warm You Up!

Winter Salsa

Its hard to get good fresh ingredients for salsa in the middle of the winter, and I need alot because I eat 8 lbs of the stuff a week. Every weekend I make salsa and I want it my way, sometimes hot, sometimes not so hot. So I use the ingredients I like that are the best I can get and still not break the budget.

With chips, with veggies, with pasta, mix to the taste you like and eat.

Coconut salsa salad dressing

This is for flavor and its good for you.
Just take the winter salsa and add 1 eighth cup of coconut oil and 1 eighth cup of lime juice, heat till it all sturs together and its ready to put on a spinish salad or what ever green you happen to be indulging. But use it hot or warm its better as a dressing that way. Maybe over pasta or sea food, its a winner.

Love and Salsa to all JDen Wilson

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